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Old 08-16-2011, 02:03 PM
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Default Forex Trading & Secrets!?!

When I first started trading I always thought there was a huge secret behind profitable traders.. a well kept secret that the banks knew and kept from the public.. most of this thinking has subsided in the years however...

I thought it would be interesting to hear from fellow traders of FF if they themselves have any "secrets" they do not share. (you do not need to share your secret let me explain the guidelines)

Here is the template for answering this thread. (just a guide not required).

1. Do you have any secrets regarding trading? how many? (if no please skip remaining guidelines and discuss your thoughts on the matter)

2. Why do you keep it a secret and not share with others?

3. What consequences would sharing your "secret" possibly lead to?

4. If you did share your secret, do you think others could even use it to trade profitably? or would many fail to see the potential?

5. If you are up for it you may reveal your "secret" for the first time (absolutely touchy subject feel free to pass) I know I know.. it wouldn't be a secret anymore.. but you know what I mean

6. Any advice to others who are still trying to discover the secret to success?

7. Any other comments you would like to make.. go into depth on anything that comes to mind regarding this topic. Let it flow
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Old 08-27-2011, 05:12 PM
JEB JEB is offline
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Personally I have 2 "secrets"

Secret 1.
I have discovered a few years ago a ratio that is evident in every candle and time segment you split up.. however I have yet to find a way to use this information as a leading indication of where the market will go.. but it is interesting how almost every data I find holds true... so I have held onto this secret as it looks too good to offer up.. however with the lack of ability to make any use of it I may share in the near future.. if only I had the right people to give good feedback into it..

Secret 2.
The other secret is really nothing but more of a psychological aspect I cannot share because it would probably lead to chaos literally.. I can't say more because it is that weird.. but it has less to do with forex and more with how I interact with to extract data.. hehehe
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