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Old 08-16-2011, 01:57 PM
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Default Infinite trading strategies. Where's the end?

Will it ever stop? I mean, generation of new strategies?
Is it some kind of intellectual addiction of searching for the Holy Grail or what?

Forex is a zero sum game (a bit negative). There is no such strategy that never loses. You just have to have more positive trades than negative and when you lose you have to lose less than you win. Two goals only. And you will become a profitable trader.
Put on your chart just one or maximum two indicators and trade, trade, trade until you master those two goals i mentioned.
But i am afraid it's almost impossible. You have only ~49% of being right. Your mistakes, spread, swaps, commissions will eat alive your account sooner or later. And no strategy will help you.

And stop spamming.

By the way, i'm not profitable. No system helped me to become profitable. Those that i chose gave my money to brokers. I'm now working on some kind of scalping the market with negative risk:reward ratio. Because 1:3 risk:reward ratio is not working. Lots of short trends wiped out my account.

And what do you think about this article:

For the small investor there is only one way to trade Forex. Learn this simple trading method that works every time.
My assumption for the purposes of this writing is that you the reader have at least a general knowledge of Forex and a bit of Forex trading experience. Also you know that Forex is the largest market on the planet, and although one can quickly make a ton of cash; one can also lose everything in less than a flash.
Anyone who calls himself or herself a Forex trader knows the difficulties and pitfalls of trading Forex. There's an excellent chance that you have lost a ton of cash already and/or lost your entire trading account more than once. The road to earning "Big" money fast in Forex is the shortest route for one to lose "Big" money fast. And of course there are the demons of fear and greed who can loom over your mind and affect your trading decisions and your sanity.
I feel your pain. Been there often, and as a result nearly gave up Forex entirely. Actually I did give it up out of disgust for over a year. Somehow staying away provided me with a fresh and different perspective upon returning to the trading platform. Now I always and I mean always make money on every trade with this simple, logical, and low-tech trading method.
OK, now what about you? Do you have a few dollars to play around with? The disclaimers of "one should never invest more money in Forex than one can afford to lose" are right on. So take a little money..even $50.00 or $100.00 will do for starters and open up an account with a Forex broker that allows "super mini" accounts. The one I use is Forex Yard. But you can trade with any one of a number of Forex brokers who offer "super mini" accounts. With a super mini you can trade as little as $1000.00 lots which means your pips will go up and down in increments of $.10, not $1.00, $10.00 or more. Hey, how much can you lose at 10 cents a pip?
Dang, how much can you make at 10 cents a pip? Well, figure a 200 pip move...not unusual over some time with let's say the British pound vs. the US Dollar...That's a $20.00 profit. Hey, I know it's not a lot of money, but it is some money, and you can do this over and over. Small amounts add up over time. Time is the issue to the method. This is the key to making money in Forex. SMALL SUPER MINI LOTS TRADED OVER AS MUCH TIME AS IT TAKES TO SHOW A PROFIT.
Now here's the method. Open up your super mini account. You will trade only two pairs the EUR/USD or the GPD/USD. Do not look at charts, indicators, or fundamentals. Place a BUY OR SELL for one super mini lot $.10 order on one of the currency pairs recommended above. You are reading right...I said BUY OR SELL. It really doesn't matter. Next place an OCO (one cancels other) order.
Place your OCO stop loss at least 400 pips away or even place no stop loss at all. Place your limit order anywhere from 100-400 pips. Do you see the picture yet?
Listen, because of the range that the EUR/USD and the GPD/USD trade in they will invariable reach your limit order range before your stop loss range. Reaching the limit range could take a few hours or a week or two; but it always does reach the limit range if you wait it out. Check in on your trade only periodically. Never bail out if you are losing money...Again just wait till your limit range 100-400 pips is reached and enjoy your profits.
What? No charts, no Bolliger Bands or Fibonacci? Correct. Impossible to make money this way? Hardly, It works every time. And the beauty here is the fear and greed demons stay below in the netherworld, since there is so little risk or no risk. When the system begins to work for you regularly, you can raise the stakes to higher lot trades. Only you know what dollar amount risk will keep the demons at bay.
Remember, set your trade as instructed and forget it. Go about your business. Be PATIENT and check your trade maybe once or twice a day only. Never end a trade while in the red. Always end your trade with a profit within your limit order.The $10.00 and $20.00 profits add up over TIME.
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Old 08-27-2011, 05:14 PM
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So True. Keep it simple, if you find something that works stick with it. Don't buy a system but learn on your on.
There is a substantial risk of loss in trading commodity futures, options and foreign
exchange products. Past performance is not indicative of future results.
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