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Old 08-05-2011, 12:04 PM
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Default How do you Define Identify and Follow Trend?


It would be of very good use to traders community to know

*** What is a Trend ?

*** How to indentify Trend ?

*** How to follow ?

*** When to know the Trend is changing ?

So of you may have answers based on Price action or some based on Technical Analysis. Still if you do not mind sharing, please do enlighten.

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Old 08-12-2011, 02:11 PM
bluesdave bluesdave is offline
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What is a trend: A trend is overall current direction of the market on a particular time frame.

How to identify: The first thing I do is to pull up a line chart with the 5 & 10 ema attached to it. This clears out all the noise and you can easily see the overall direction. Then I go to a OHLC chart and mark major swing High & Lows and make sure we are still seeing HH or LL in the market.

If you have a hard time still figuring it out, move to another pair that is clear.

How to follow: Look at a TF higher than the one I am currently trading. Determine the trend. when the Higher TF and your trading TF match look for pull backs and enter.

How to know when the trend is changing : I look for price to hit a major area of supply or demand on a higher time frame. When this happens I look for a reversal and start to expect a new trend. If it doesn't reverse I look for it to break through the zone and give me a rebound and continuation. Then I trade accordingly

once again, if I can't see it clearly, I move to the next pair to trade
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